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All the Croatian hotels are group friendly and can accommodate tours of different sizes. Our hotel selection includes hostels, budget & mid-class hotels as well as upscale...

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Coming to Zagreb without transfer arrangements can cause you preventable complications. Our chauffeur and airport transfer services will save you precious time and enable you to arrive safely and on...


Stag weekend on yacht is perfect for stag nights, parties or a fun party sailing with your mates. You can also choose weekend sailing or 7 days sailing with your friends on a luxury yacht along...


Stag Croatia Antropoti has a small but carefully chosen selection of the top Croatian stag ideas for during the day and night. Look at a guide to our favourite Croatian stag...


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Depending on the type of food you are searching for, traditional Croatian Dinner or World Gastronmy we will know what to recommend, restaurants that are popular for themselves, due to the superior...

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Drinking is an inseparable part of every stag weekend. Our local guide will know all the newest and hottest pubs, bars and clubs in...

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Croatia is famous for it`s nightlife during the whole year and especially in summer where you can experience the biggest and fabulous party...

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This is the package for having no worries with organizing top quality accommodation, airport transfers, night clubs and other activities for your Stag party in...

Event Of The Month


Culture Club Revelin – Dubrovnik

Culture Club Revelin is situated at the Revelin fortress in the Old Town Dubrovnik and is a unique place with an impressive view of the entire city and the carefully chosen programme. Revelin has quickly become the central place of nightlife in, not only Dubrovnik but the entire Dalmatia.

Johann Franck

Johann Franck offer the program are designed in the spirit of modern times and the modern way of entertainment; entertainment and cultural content that will include LIVE concerts and DJ performances, dances, exhibitions, book promotions, screenings of classical movies and thematic evenings. Johann Franck works all day, seven days a week.

Opera Club

Opera Club in Zagreb, widely known as one of the places with the best events and the best party in town. Some of the most famous artists perform and will perform at the Opera Club and attracts a large number of visitors in a large area where all work together to create an unforgettable party until the early hours. If you want to experience great party as Zagreb and Zagreb people can offer, Opera Club is the place for you.

Carpe Diem Hvar

Since the beginning of our famous and worldwide known after beach parties, CARPE DIEM BAR is still the flag ship for this sophisticated concept. There is still no cooler place in Croatia to get your groove on than at CARPE DIEM.

Tropic Club – Split

Get crazy in one of the most insane night clubs in Split, Croatia!

The parties at Vanilla Club

You can expect a rich program with the participation of international DJs, cabaret dancers, performers, fire shows and many surprises. Slow but sure, Vanilla club has become one of the hottest summer party destination in Europe. Info and table reservations.

Ultra Europe

Officially the largest electronic music festival in Croatia’s history, ULTRA EUROPE is gearing up to return even bigger for its third annual edition, as it drops a truly eye-watering Phase One lineup!